A compact and competitive soft starter designed for general applications. Available from 4kW to 37kW, 230 - 400VAC three phase.

The V2 series of soft starters is equipped with advanced technology in both motor control and protection. Presented in a compact, easy to configure format, this range is ideal for general soft starter applications. Flexible installation options are provided by offering the product in both IP00 and IP54 versions.

Control Flexibility

  • Set up and commissioning through a simple potentiometer panel.
  • Adjustment available to:
    - Initial starting torque.
    - Acceleration time.
    - Deceleration time.
    - Overload and overload curve.
    - Underload and underload curve.
    - Current limit.
  • Full starter and motor diagnostics available via LED feedback.
  • Extensive on-board motor and soft starter protections including:
    - Input phase loss.
    - Starting current limit.
    - Locked rotor / stall.
    - Motor overload (thermal model).
    - Underload.
    - Phase imbalance.
    - V2 overtemperature.
  • Comprehensive range of preconfigured inputs and outputs.
  • 2 wire or 3 wire start/stop inputs as standard.

High Performance and Results

As well as the total protection provided to the motor, the smooth start and stop action offered by the V2 benefits numerous applications. Pumps, fans, conveyors, compressors, shakers, grinders, crushers are some examples applications suitable for use with the V2 range.

  • 500% starting current available with no de-rating factor.
  • Operation to 40 degree C ambient temperature for non-bypassed models.
  • Operation to 50 degree C ambient temperature for bypassed models.
  • Conformal coating on all internal circuit boards for optimum protection in harsh environments.

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