An advanced digital soft starter that offers users a complete motor starting solution. The V5 series provides multiple control possibilities, due not only to a large number of inputs and outputs, but also for their configuration versatility. Available from 2.2kW to 1500kW, 230 - 690VAC three phase, either internally bypassed or non bypassed.

The V5 digital soft starter integrates the most advanced control systems to ensure perfect motor operation for any industrial application. With onboard protections, a 32 character two line LCD plain English display and Power Electronics revolutionary "CDP" dynamic torque control this soft starter offers uncompromised performance.

Control Flexibility

  • Set up and commissioning through remote mountable keypad including 2 line 32 character LCD display in plain English, or via serial communications.
  • Extensive user feedback via LCD display including:
    • Voltage in each phase.
    • Current in each phase.
    • Power and Kilowatt Hours.
    • Digital and analogue I/O status.
    • Power factor.
    • Number of starts.
    • Motor shaft torque.
    • Last 5 fault history.
  • Fully programmable start and stop performance.
  • Extensive on-board motor and soft starter protections including:
    • Input phase loss.
    • Locked rotor / stall.
    • Shearpin.
    • Undervoltage and overvoltage protection.
    • Motor overload (thermal model).
    • Motor underload.
    • PTC / Thermistor protection.
    • Phase reversal.
    • Phase imbalance.
    • V5 overtemperature.
  • Comprehensive range of programmable control inputs and outputs:
    • 5 digital inputs / 2 analogue inputs.
    • 3 digital outputs / 1 analogue output.
  • RS232/485 and Mobus RTU as standard.
  • Wide range of sub-board options:
    • DeviceNet interface PCB.
    • Profibus interface PCB.
    • Johnson controls interface PCB.
    • 2m remote mount display kit.

High Performance and Results

A combination of the V5s cutting edge control, flexibility and extreme performance make this range the most advanced motor starting solution available for any application.

  • Non bypassed range fitted with bypass bars for external bypassing if required.
  • Internally bypassed range up to 1200amps.
  • 500% starting current available with no de-rating factor.
  • Revolutionary new CDP "Dynamic Torque Control" optimises motor start performance.
  • Exclusive "Water Hammer Prevention" algorithm that can be harmonised to individual pumping applications.
  • Slow speed setting to allow for machine setup.
  • Unique slip ring motor starting function.
  • Onboard irrigation control system as standard.
  • D.C. injection braking.
  • Operation to 45 degree C ambient temperature.
  • Conformal coating on all internal circuit boards for optimum protection in harsh environments.
  • IP20 enclosure on all models.

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