SD250 series VSD

A powerful yet flexible drive for all small applications. Available from 0.37kW to 22kW, 400VAC three phase.

The SD250 presents an exceptional solution for all low power requirements. With an ultra compact design, comprehensive feature set and excellent motor control, the SD250 offers a highly flexible drive in a compact and cost effective format.

Control Flexibility

  • Set up and commissioning through simple four directional keypad including LED display, or via serial communications.
  • Remote keypad can be used to configure multiple drives.
  • Extensive on-board motor and drive protections.
  • Comprehensive range of control inputs and outputs.
    • 8 digital inputs / 2 analogue inputs.
    • 2 digital outputs / 1 analogue output.
  • RS485 Modbus RTU as standard.
  • Full on-board PID control with pump control including sleep, wake function.
  • Built in Dynamic Brake transistor.

High Performance and Results

An ideal drive for applications such as, conveyors, augers, packaging machines, fans, dairy turntables and other general installations.

  • V/Hz or sensorless vector control options.
  • Operation to 50 degree C ambient temperature.
  • Conformal coating on all internal circuit boards for optimum protection in harsh environments.
  • Rugged 150% current overload capacity.
  • Enclosed to IP20 protection.
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