With a four line 64 character display, this highly flexible mid-range drive can tackle nearly any application.

Offering more flexibility than ever, the SD500 has been designed to fulfil most motor drive applications in all types of industry. With two ratings; heavy duty and normal duty, the “one drive for all applications” philosophy ensures exceptional performance in simple or complex applications. Inbuilt RFI filters and harmonic filters across the entire power range ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Complete with V/Hz, sensorless vector and closed loop vector ranging from 0.75kW to 90kW 400V three phase.

A drive that goes further

  • V/Hz control for pump, fan, conveyors and HVAC applications. A 25% re-rating applies for variable torque applications.
  • Sensorless vector for applications requiring fast and precise performance or high torque at low speed. Positive displacement pumps, material handling systems, indexing systems benefit from this accurate control.
  • Closed loop vector for highly demanding applications. Installations such as cranes, web tension, torque sharing, require exact control of torque and speed even at zero speed

Control flexibility

In keeping with its stable mates the SD700 and V5, the SD500 offers a familiar operator interface with simple operation and control.

  • Set up and commissioning through a 4 line 64 character LCD display in plain English, or via serial communications.
  • Familiar programming via *, + , - buttons.
  • Remote mountable keypad with independent memory connected via standard RJ45 plugs
  • Two user selectable visualisation lines can be set to display a wide amount of information including internal variables, external variables, motor variables, drive variables, present fault.
  • Extensive on-board motor and drive protections.
  • Comprehensive and programmable range of plug in control inputs and outputs. As standard:
    • 8 digital inputs / 2 analogue inputs
    • 3 digital outputs / 2 analogue outputs
    • PTC input via either digital input or analogue input
  • RS485 Modbus
  • On-board PID control.
  • Comprehensive pump control system
  • Built in dynamic brake switch for 0.75kW – 22kW. Optional external module on larger models.

Increased Flexibility - expand your control

  • Wide range of plug in sub-board options including:
    • Expansion I/O card
    • Encoder interface card
    • PLC module with real time clock
  • Serial communications cards including:
    • Devicenet
    • Profibus DP
    • Ethernet TCP/IP and Ethernet IP
    • CanOpen
    • LonWorks

Rugged High Performance

The SD500 provides exceptional performance and control with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

  • The option of V/Hz, sensorless vector or closed loop vector offers optimum motor performance for nearly any application.
  • Operation to 50 degree C ambient temperature.
  • In-built harmonic chokes across the entire range.
  • Input EMI filters. Category C2 (domestic) for 0.75kW – 22kW. Category C3 (industrial) for 30kW – 90kW.
  • Conformal coating on all internal circuit boards for optimum protection in harsh environments.
  • Rugged 150% current overload capacity.
  • Enclosed to IP21 protection.
  • Switching frequency to 15kHz ensuring silent motor operation.
  • Optional output dV/dt filters
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