SD700 series VSD

Using the very latest devices, the SD700 takes high power variable speed drive technology to the next level, with performance and specification that is second to none. A plain English four line 64 character display combined with a simple, familiar programming format, ensures any user can easily integrate the SD700 into their process.

Available from 2.2kW to 2000kW, 230V – 690V. 6 pulse – 24 pulse.

The SD700 is fully certified Electromagnetic Compliant with unscreened motor cables.

High performance for all applications

A new motor standard for motor control: MCA (Motor Combined Algorithm) combines all the advantages of different traditional motor controls, guaranteeing improved robustness and stability.

  • V/Hz control for pumps, fans, and general applications. A 25% re-rating across the complete range applies for variable torque applications.
  • Sensorless vector control for applications requiring precise performance or high torque at low speed. Material handling systems, timber mills, high inertia loads.
  • Closed loop vector for the most demanding of applications. Installations such as cranes, web tension, torque sharing, require exact control of torque and speed even at zero speed.

Control Flexibility

  • Set up and commissioning through a 4 line 64 character LCD display in plain English, or via serial communications.
  • Familiar programming via *, + , - buttons.
  • Remote mountable keypad connected via standard RJ45 plugs
  • Two user selectable visualisation lines can be set to display a wide amount of information including internal variables, external variables, motor variables, drive variables, present fault, reference adjustments.
  • Comprehensive range of programmable control inputs and outputs.
    • 6 digital inputs / 2 isolated analogue inputs
    • 3 digital outputs / 2 isolated analogue output
    • PTC input
  • Full on-board PID control.
  • Fully featured pump control macro, position control, crane mode
  • Fault log
  • Real time clock with perpetual calendar
  • Serial communications RS232 and RS485 Modbus RTU
  • USB 2.1 port for easy PC connection

Increased Flexibility - expand your control

  • The first variable speed drive to incorporate a graphical touch screen. The standard LCD display can be removed and replaced with a 3.5" TFT 240 x 340 pixel colour graphics touch screen, permitting modification of screen lists and graphical replication of the process.
  • PowerPLC: comprehensive customisation software allows automation functions to be incorporated into the SD700.
  • Additional I/O card can be fitted increasing the number of programmable inputs and outputs.
    • 4 digital inputs / 1 isolated analogue input
    • 5 digital outputs / 1 isolated analogue output
  • Dual channel encoder card for the connection of two single ended or differential encoders.
  • Open protocol fibre optics board
  • Dynamic brake control module
  • Serial communications cards including:
    • Devicenet
    • Profibus
    • Ethernet TCP/IP
    • Ethernet IP
    • N2 Metasys

Rugged and Reliable Construction

A combination of the SD700's superb motor control, flexibility and simple design make this range the most advanced drive solution available for any application.

  • FFA (Full Frontal Access): The three major power stages - rectifier, DC bus, inverter are all sub-assemblies that are mechanically separated and can be accessed from the front
  • High efficiency new generation IGBT blocks
  • FPA (Fault Prevention Algorithm): This system allows the SD700 to overcome extreme conditions without activating its own internal protections
  • 50 deg C operating temperature
  • IP20 and IP54 protection variants (IP00 available as option)
  • Conformal coating on electronic boards meets IEC 721-3-3 (3C3)
  • Electronzinced metal chassis for corrosion resistance
  • Temperature controlled cooling fans
  • Integrated dv/dt, harmonic and RFI filters provide integrity to the supply and motor
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