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  I prefer to use the SD700 drives due to their reliability and the service and support that I receive from Power Electronics Josh Petticrew, Electrical Engineering Manager, Sims Pacific Metals

Sims Metal Management is the largest metals and electronics recycler in Australasia, North America, and the world. Sims Metal Management has over 270 locations on five continents, and over 6,600 employees.

When Sims Metals' St Marys site had a reasonably new "competitor" 400kW variable speed drive fail they came to Power Electronics for an urgent replacement.

Joshua Petticrew of Sims Metals has specified the Power Electronics SD700 as the replacement for PDL drives at many Sims Pacific sites in NZ and Australia. They look and feel the same as the PDL drives and come complete with on-board line reactors and output dv/dt filters as well as a 3C3 environmental rating to handle the harsh conditions. The standard 3 year warranty offers additional "peace of mind". Josh rang Power Electronics at 4pm to confirm stock availability and price. A quote was issued immediately and Josh was advised that stock was not a problem, as Power Electronics maintain a comprehensive stock of drives in their Yatala warehouse. Power Electronics proceeded to organise urgent delivery from Brisbane to Sydney while purchase approval was finalised. A go ahead was issued at 6pm and the drive was picked up at 8pm for delivery through the night to Sydney. The drive was delivered at 10am the following morning and Sims were up and running by the end of the day. Sims Metals were very pleased with the rapid support provided by Power Electronics.

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