Introducing the V6 Soft Starter: Redefining motor control

Experience next-level motor performance and control

Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the V6 Soft Starter redefines the standards of soft start technology. Compact, powerful, and equipped with advanced control and protection features, the V6 introduces the innovative Smart Card capability. While offering enhanced features, the V6 prioritises user convenience, with intuitive displays and connectivity options designed to streamline access to crucial information, boosting overall efficiency.



Fig 1. The V6 Soft Starter


Why the V6 is a game-changer

The V6 goes beyond conventional soft starters by integrating starter, motor, and system protection functions, complemented with alarm systems to promptly alert users to potential issues. In scenarios where the unexpected occurs, features like Power Through and Emergency Run allow users to make informed decisions to keep operations running smoothly.

However, the true game-changer lies in the V6's Smart Card capability. With compatible Smart Cards, the V6 transcends its conventional function to operate as a comprehensive system controller. These Smart Cards offer tailored functionality for specific industries or applications, integrated into the V6 for simplified system design, installation, and setup.

By leveraging the power of industry-specific Smart Cards, the V6 Soft Starter allows users to craft purpose-built systems centralised around intelligent control and communication. This innovative tech not only enhances the overall efficiency of your system but also provides you with greater control over your operations.

Elevating the standard - what sets the V6 apart

The innovative Smart Card capability isn't the only thing that sets the V6 Soft Starter apart from its predecessors. It isn't just a minor upgrade — it's a game-changer for soft start technology. Here's how it stands out from the V2 and V5 series:

  • Design optimisation - a sleeker, more streamlined design, optimises space without compromising performance
  • Electronics improvements - superior reliability and efficiency, ensuring smooth operation even in demanding environments
  • Enhanced connectivity - allowing for easy monitoring and control anytime, anywhere
  • Increased overload capacity - added flexibility and resilience to handle varying loads with ease
  • Intuitive interface - easy setup and operation for users of all levels

The V6 doesn't just start and stop your machinery with precision and efficiency, it also helps minimise energy costs and improve operational efficiencies through the delivery of meaningful data to both operators and plant automation systems.

Use cases highlight versatility

Smart pumping solutions
By installing the Pumping Smart Card, relevant sensors can be directly linked to the V6, eliminating the need for additional components typically required for such specific information and control in your system.

Enhanced irrigation management
V6 starters equipped with Pumping Smart Cards give farmers greater control over irrigation systems. Built-in timers and scheduling functions allow tailored operation to match water restrictions and optimal electrical tariffs. Additionally, features like Sleep Mode and Automatic Restart reduce travel to pump sheds, ensuring seamless operation even amidst temporary electrical disturbances, all without the added cost and complexity of separate control logic and wiring.

The V6 - redefining soft starters

The V6 Soft Starter is a leap into the future of motor control technology. With its compact design, enhanced performance, and groundbreaking Smart Card capability, the V6 redefines what a soft starter can achieve. From precise motor control to energy efficiency and simplified system management, the V6 empowers industries to elevate their operations to new heights.

To find out if the V6 Soft Starter is the right fit for you, get in touch with our sales team.