Power Quality

SVG Static Var Generator

A revolutionary modular three level inverter reactive power management system used for power factor correction, current balancing, voltage balancing, voltage regulation and VAR support. Ideal for industrial, commercial and electricity network applications.

Available in 30/50/100kVar wall mount and 30/50/100kVar cabinet mount modules, 400/480/690VAC three phase.

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ASVG Advanced Static Var Generator

The Advanced Static Var Generator provides the same dynamic performance as the SVG with the added benefit of combining harmonic mitigation. Available in 50/100kVar wall mount and 30/50/100kVar cabinet mount modules, 400/480/690VAC three phase

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SPC Smart Power Quality Correction

The SPC utilises the SVG mounted inside a stainless steel enclosure complete with protections and built in WiFi for easy diagnostics. Ideal for mounting outside when there is no room left in a plant switchboard room or for mounting up a pole for electricity network applications.

Available in 30/50/100kVAr in two cabinet size options.

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AHF Active Harmonic Filter

The most advanced active harmonic filter on the market today utilising a three level inverter to provide rapid harmonic current correction. Available in 25, 35, 50, 60, 75, 100, 150 amps in both wall mount and cabinet mount modules, 400/480/690VAC three phase.

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Static Synchronous Compensator - STATCOM

Utilising the same proven platform from our HEC V1500 solar inverter range, the Freemaq Statcom offers an outdoor modular synchronous static compensator suitable for utility and grid scale reactive power support.

Available in five sizes from 1275 – 3000kVAr, 690VAC.

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Filter Freemaq FQP

The Freemaq filter is a robust passive harmonic filter for use with our SD700 series variable speed drive series. Utilising a notch filter design, it is able to reduce the input current harmonics to less than 5% and thus meet network company harmonic restrictions and limits defined by IEEE519.

Available from 2.2kW to 2000kW in 400V and 690V

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