Power Quality

Improve the reliability of your electricity supply while avoiding possible penalty charges.

Why Power Electronics?

As a specialist new technology product supplier, Power Electronics NZ understands how power quality can be compromised by the way modern electrical equipment draws power from the network. As NZ’s leading power quality equipment supplier, Power Electronics can aid with pre-electrical installation engineering or post electrical installation monitoring and reporting. Our innovative power quality equipment can then be applied to mitigate your power quality issues.

Products for Power Quality

Static Var Generator – modular inverter power factor correction available in wall and cabinet mount

Advanced Static Var Generator – modular inverter power factor correction devices that also mitigate lower order harmonics.

Active Harmonic Filter – modular broad spectrum harmonic filter available in wall or cabinet mount.

Freemaq Harmonic Filter - passive notch filter specifically designed to work with our SD750 series variable speed drives.

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