Variable Speed Drives

SD100 series VSD

The SD100 is a compact drive for simple applications. Available from 0.37kW to 2.2kW, 230VAC single phase input.

The SD100 series offer a simple yet flexible variable speed drive in a compact and cost effective package. Its exclusive joystick parameter setting system ensures programming and commissioning are simple.

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SD250 series VSD

A powerful yet flexible drive for all small applications. Available from 0.37kW to 22kW, 400VAC three phase.

The SD250 presents an exceptional solution for all low power requirements. With an ultra compact design, comprehensive feature set and excellent motor control, the SD250 offers a highly flexible drive in a compact and cost effective format.

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SD300 Series VSD

The SD300 is a high performance general purpose AC drive that excels in demanding heavy-duty applications that require high starting torque and precise control. Available from 0.37kW to 3.7kW, 230VAC single phase input, and 0.37kW to 30kW, 400VAC three phase. IP20 and IP66 variants.

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SD500 series VSD

With a four line 64 character display, this highly flexible mid-range drive can tackle nearly any application. Complete with V/Hz, sensorless vector and closed loop vector ranging from 0.75kW to 90kW 400V three phase.

Offering more flexibility than ever, the SD500 has been designed to fulfil most motor drive applications in all types of industry. With two ratings; heavy duty and normal duty, the “one drive for all applications” philosophy ensures exceptional performance in simple or complex applications. Inbuilt RFI filters and harmonic filters across the entire power range ensure minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

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SD700 series VSD

Using the very latest devices, the SD700 takes high power variable speed drive technology to the next level, with performance and specification that is second to none. A plain English four line 64 character display combined with a simple, familiar programming format, ensures any user can easily integrate the SD700 into their process.

Available from 2.2kW to 2000kW, 230V – 690V. 6 pulse – 24 pulse.

The SD700 is fully certified Electromagnetic Compliant with unscreened motor cables.

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SD700K Series VSD

SD700 KOMPAKT SERIES, maximum performance in a minimum space. When space saving is a must, the SD700 Kompakt series with a power density up to 800kW/m3 is the most suitable solution. The drive keeps the advanced family features in a size reduced by 2.5 times that of the standard SD700 model. It is delivered in two parts; the drive unit and the input chokes.

Available from 63kW to 700kW, 230V - 525V and 110kW to 800kW, 690V. 6 & 12 pulse.

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SD700FL Series VSD

The unique features of the SD700 drive are improved by adding an input notch filter that reduces the THDi below 5%. It is constructed through the parallel connection of individual filtering modules, all controlled and monitored by the drive. Each module has a contactor that isolates the long-life integrated capacitors. These unique features makes it suitable for any low harmonic application. 

Available in 400V and 690V, 2.2kW – 1800kW.

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SD700FR Series VSD

SD700FR series moves one step ahead keeping the unique family characteristics. Based on the latest active front end technology, it is able to reduce the THDi< 5%, adjust the cosine phi and keep it constant at any load condition, and keep the motor voltage constant even when large input voltage drops occur. SD700FR provides the best regeneration features. Save money, reduce your energy bills and increase performance features at the same time. The active front end technology substitutes multi-pulse drives and passive filters. 

Available in 400V - 690V, 110kW – 2000kW.

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XMV660 Series MV VSD

The XMV660 Medium voltage variable speed drive goes one step further in achieving high performance by using proven low voltage technology within a rugged, modular, multi-level configuration. It is designed under the strictest safety regulations and complies with the most demanding industrial requirements. It offers the best power quality, maximum motor care, uncompromising safety and reliability across the full range. Available in 2.3kV to 13.8kV, 150kW – 5600kW.

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Pump Portal Web Controller

Wouldn’t it be great if you could monitor and control your pumping system on any computer, anywhere in the world at any time, or perhaps your smart phone anywhere at any time? Well now you can. Our PumpPortal web controller provides comprehensive monitoring and control for any of our pump control systems. There is no need for any special software to be installed on your computer or smart phone – just an internet connection. It’s simple, secure and safe to use, and what’s more it provides the user with real time monitoring and control of their pump system.

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Soft Starters

V2 series Soft Starter

A compact and competitive soft starter designed for general applications. Available from 4kW to 37kW, 230 - 400VAC three phase.

The V2 series of soft starters is equipped with advanced technology in both motor control and protection. Presented in a compact, easy to configure format, this range is ideal for general soft starter applications. Flexible installation options are provided by offering the product in both IP00 and IP54 versions.

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V5 series Soft Starter

An advanced digital soft starter that offers users a complete motor starting solution. The V5 series provides multiple control possibilities, due not only to a large number of inputs and outputs, but also for their configuration versatility. Available from 2.2kW to 1500kW, 230 - 690VAC three phase, either internally bypassed or non bypassed.

The V5 digital soft starter integrates the most advanced control systems to ensure perfect motor operation for any industrial application. With onboard protections, a 32 character two line LCD plain English display and Power Electronics revolutionary "CDP" dynamic torque control this soft starter offers uncompromised performance.

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VS65 Series Medium Voltage Soft Starter

Utilising the same familiar easy to use V5 series display, the VS65 series is a highly adaptable medium voltage digital soft starter that offers the user high reliability for demanding applications. Available in either IP41 or IP54, 150 – 6300kW at voltages 2.3kV, 3.0kV, 3.3kV, 4.16kV, 6.0kV, 6.6kV, 10kV, 11kV with inbuilt vacuum bypass contactor and line contactor.

The VS65 soft starter integrates the most advanced control systems to ensure perfect motor operation for any industrial application. With a 32 character two line LCD plain English display and Power Electronics revolutionary "CDP" dynamic torque control this soft starter offers uncompromised performance.

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Power Quality

SVG Static Var Generator

A revolutionary modular three level inverter reactive power management system used for power factor correction, current balancing, voltage balancing, voltage regulation and VAR support. Ideal for industrial, commercial and electricity network applications.

Available in 30/50/100kVar wall mount and 30/50/100kVar cabinet mount modules, 400/480/690VAC three phase.

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ASVG Advanced Static Var Generator

The Advanced Static Var Generator provides the same dynamic performance as the SVG with the added benefit of combining harmonic mitigation. Available in 50/100kVar wall mount and 30/50/100kVar cabinet mount modules, 400/480/690VAC three phase

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SPC Smart Power Quality Correction

The SPC utilises the SVG mounted inside a stainless steel enclosure complete with protections and built in WiFi for easy diagnostics. Ideal for mounting outside when there is no room left in a plant switchboard room or for mounting up a pole for electricity network applications.

Available in 30/50/100kVAr in two cabinet size options.

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AHF Active Harmonic Filter

The most advanced active harmonic filter on the market today utilising a three level inverter to provide rapid harmonic current correction. Available in 25, 35, 50, 60, 75, 100, 150 amps in both wall mount and cabinet mount modules, 400/480/690VAC three phase.

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Static Synchronous Compensator - STATCOM

Utilising the same proven platform from our HEC V1500 solar inverter range, the Freemaq Statcom offers an outdoor modular synchronous static compensator suitable for utility and grid scale reactive power support.

Available in five sizes from 1275 – 3000kVAr, 690VAC.

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Filter Freemaq FQP

The Freemaq filter is a robust passive harmonic filter for use with our SD700 series variable speed drive series. Utilising a notch filter design, it is able to reduce the input current harmonics to less than 5% and thus meet network company harmonic restrictions and limits defined by IEEE519.

Available from 2.2kW to 2000kW in 400V and 690V

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Energy Storage + Solar

Freesun Solar Inverters

HEM MV Modular Solar Station

The very latest in medium voltage solar power station that integrates the MV transformer. The HEM provides all the advantages of a central inverter but with a modular string architecture. Suitable for mounting in the harshest of outdoor environments thanks to our revolutionary iCOOL3 cooling system. Nominal power rating of up to 3.6MW.

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HEMK Modular Inverter

A modular solar inverter that offers the advantages of both central and string inverters. Suitable for mounting in the harshest of outdoor environments thanks to our revolutionary iCOOL3 cooling system. Available from 2000kVA – 3800kVA. 600VAC – 690VAC. 1500VDC.

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HEC V1500

The Power Electronics HEC V1500 are reliable 1500Vdc outdoor utility-scale inverters, with more than 4GW already installed worldwide. The HEC V1500 inverter family has 25 different models ranging from 1MW to 3.5MW.

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HEC Plus

The upgraded HEC Plus 1000VDC class inverters offer an extended MPPt voltage range and maximum efficiency in AC output voltages ranging from 400VAC to 460VAC, covering all commercial and utility-scale PV facilities. 1000kVA – 2550kVA, 1000VDC input.

The HEC PLUS is based on a modular & redundant topology with up to 10 modules that provide the competiveness of central inverters and the availability of string inverters. The HEC PLUS is featured with an outdoor stainless steel enclosure, 50mm mineral insulation panel and the most advanced iCOOL filter-less system that makes it suitable for the most demanding conditions.

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HE Plus - Indoor

Designed for indoor applications, the Power Electronics HE PLUS solar inverter is the best choice in quality and reliability. It is available in four output voltages from 400Vac to 460Vac, covering a power range from 1000kVA to 2550kVA, 1000VDC input. With the best in class topology owing to the modular construction, the HE PLUS represents the best guarantee for your investment.

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HET - Solar Station

HET include all electrical equipment ready for fast installation and commissioning. Available from 600kVA – 2550kVA. 6kVAC – 36kVAC.

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Simplify your commissioning with the most competitive solution with all the medium voltage equipment integrated. Available from 1100kVA – 3500kVA. 400VAC – 460VAC and 565VAC – 690VAC LV side, 12kVAC – 36kVAC HV side. 

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Twin Skid - Solar Station

The most power dense turnkey station for large scale PV plants. Available from 3000kVA – 7000kVA. 400VAC – 460VAC and 565VAC – 690VAC LV side, 12kVAC – 36kVAC HV side.

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Freemaq Battery Storage Inverters

Freemaq PCSK Utility Scale Battery Inverter

The Freemaq PCSK is an outdoor modular solution from 1600kW to 3800kW with configurable DC and AC voltages making it compatible with all battery technology and manufacturers.

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Freemaq Multi PCS

The Power Electronics Freemaq Multi PCS modular inverter architecture can be designed to support solar generation and energy storage in a single inverter, or even having individual battery systems.

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Freemaq DC/DC - Bi-Directional DC/DC Converter

The new Freemaq DC/DC converter is a bi-directional converter designed to maximise the benefits of large scale solar plants with energy storage to provide a solar-plus-storage offer. Adhering to Power Electronics philosophy, it is a modular outdoor design. Available from 375kVA – 3500kVA with voltages up to 1500VDC.

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NUBE Charging Station

The future of smart E-mobility. Nube Charging Station consists of a central power station which supplies energy to recharging posts, designed for an easy interaction with the EV driver and following the current standards of user safety.

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NUBE Charging Station Plus

More km in a shorter charging period. Nube Charging Station Plus offers ultra-fast charging mode with charging time in less than 10 minutes.

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The combination of aesthetics and advanced functionalities. Nube 50 is an outdoor/indoor, robust and attractive fast charger designed keeping in mind durability, reliability and maintainability

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