Giving power quality the Mythbusters treatment

In A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson's character Colonel Jessep famously informed Tom Cruise's Lieutenant Kaffee that he couldn't "handle the truth." Jessep walked right into Kaffee's trap, leading to... Read More »

Introducing the V6 Soft Starter: Redefining motor control

Building on the legacy of its predecessor, the V6 Soft Starter redefines the standards of soft start technology. Read More »

AHF applications in commercial power systems

As innovative and advanced as modern power systems are becoming, they're not without their challenges. The prevalence of nonlinear loads, stemming from advanced equipment like variable speed drives, computer switch... Read More »

Conformal Coating - Understanding environmental classifcations

The benefits of surface mount electronics (SMD) are now well known. SMD provided major cost and size reductions in most electronic equipment. Read More »

Transforming solar energy with the Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter

As you'll probably be aware, utility-scale solar has emerged as a critical player in New Zealand's energy landscape. They're directly connected to the electricity grid and geared for substantial power generation. Read More »

The future of power quality correction in New Zealand

In September, we announced the release of the Sinexcel Ultra Series to the local market. Available in SVG, ASVG, and AHF forms, the Ultra Series is poised to revolutionise power... Read More »


In an exciting first for New Zealand, Power Electronics is bringing the Sinexcel Ultra Series to the local market. Read More »

Ensuring Safety for the Hawke’s Bay –Pump Station Variable Speed Drives Come to the Rescue

In February 2023, the Hawke’s Bay region of New Zealand faced the destructive force of Cyclone Gabrielle. Read More »

Navigating EMC requirements for RFI and variable speed drives

Why it's important to make the right choice when selecting a variable speed drive Variable speed drives (VSDs) have become an essential component in modern industrial applications, as they offer... Read More »

The principles of managing DV/DT in AC variable frequency drives

A typical output stage of an AC variable frequency drive consists of six transistor switches (usually IGBTs) which are turned on and off at a rate varying between 1 – 20kHz. Read More »

The importance of electrical grid stability

As the world becomes increasingly concerned about climate change, sustainability and decarbonisation, new phases in the power sector are revealing themselves. Read More »


Freemaq STATCOM is a high power, utility scale, modular static synchronous compensator. In this article we've answered the most frequently asked questions. Read More »


Power Electronics have recently extended the HEMK range of solar inverters. In this article we've answered the most frequently asked questions. Read More »

Renewable energy battery storage - an opportunity for New Zealand power companies to adapt.

There's a reason that we're seeing an increased global uptake of utility-scale battery storage systems - they provide the means to store electricity sustainably and economically, close to where it... Read More »

Battery Energy Storage: New technology for a low-carbon economy

Most of New Zealand’s power generation is hydroelectric - dams and lakes full of water generating energy. Stored water to generate hydro power is similar to storing electricity in batteries. Read More »

New Zealand’s First Utility Scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Gains Traction

WEL Networks and Infratec are pleased to announce that they have entered into major contracts for the supply and build of New Zealand’s largest battery storage facility. Read More »

Making a use case for STATCOMS

Managing voltage stability in a power system framework can be complex, as it often involves a list of ongoing and emerging energy challenges. Read More »

The importance of system flexibility in a changing voltage control landscape

New Zealand's power landscape is changing. There's an increasing focus on sustainability and a low carbon economy. Read More »

Why Power Electronics leads the world in the solar inverter market

Solar inverters are one of the most critical elements of any solar power system. They're essential to converting the solar energy generated so that it's suitable for the electricity grid... Read More »

Choosing an inverter for a utility-scale solar farm

As simple as this sounds, understanding your generation requirements are fundamental to making nearly all the key decisions. Read More »

Q & A of our Solar Farm Webinar

Read More »

The Sinexcel Active Voltage Conditioner - Voltage Sag and Surge Protection

New Zealand has a robust electrical network but even the most reliable of networks is not immune to voltage sags, brownouts, or surges. Read More »

Power Factor Correction - Understanding the Issues

In our third and final article in our Power Factor Correction series we will delve into the effects of voltage transients and resonance on traditional power factor systems. Read More »

Power Factor Correction - Distortion or Displacement

In today’s modern electrical environment power factor correction is not quite as easy to design as in years gone by. Read More »

Harmonic Blocking Chokes - Are they a guaranteed solution for capacitor based power factor?

The purpose of a blocking choke is simple. The inductance of the choke and the capacitance of the power factor correction capacitors form a simple tuned LC filter. Read More »

The Hidden Benefits of the SVG Inverter Based Power Factor System - Current Balancing

It is such a common issue -in practical power systems it is nearly impossible to maintain perfect balance or symmetry between phase currents. Read More »

Control and Efficiency - Key drivers for the ANZCO

Situated alongside the lower reaches of the Waitara River in Taranaki the ANZCO Foods Processing site has a rich history dating back to the earliest New Zealand meat export trade. Read More »

Harmonics - What should my Variable Speed Drive have?

The installation of increased numbers of non-linear load devices, such as variable speed drives, onto electrical networks that are at, or above capacity has seen a rapid increase in interest... Read More »

Variable Speed Drives - Getting It Right (Part 2)

Part 1 on VSD selection and getting it right has already delved into the importance of understanding the load type (variable torque or constant torque) and temperature ratings when choosing... Read More »

Variable Speed Drive Selection - Getting It Right (Part 1)

It is that age old dilemma – You have got pricing for two variable speed drives from different manufacturers but how do you know you’re comparing “Apples for Apples” and... Read More »

Filtering out the noise - Understanding IEC 61800-3 (Part 3)

Now in this final installment we will look at how the manufactures rate their levels of EMC compliance. Read More »

Filtering out the noise - Understanding IEC 61800-3 (Part 2)

Part 3 of IEC 61800 specifies electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for power drive systems (PDSs). These are adjustable speed a.c. or d.c. motor drives. Read More »

Filtering out the noise - Understanding IEC 61800-3

Go to the internet and you can search for any number of white papers on the theories of RFI and variable speed drives, but try and get an accurate comment... Read More »

Power Electronics secures order for NZ's first grid-connected solar farm

With New Zealand’s highest number of sunshine hours, Marlborough seems like the most logical place for New Zealand’s first grid-connected utility scale photovoltaic solar project. Read More »

SD500SP and SD700SP - Pumping Using Energy from the Sun

It is a natural fit – with expertise in both AC motor control and utility scale solar inverters it seems the perfect solution to tie both technologies together – enter... Read More »

Power Electronics ASVG Power Quality System at Fonterra Hautapu ticks all of the boxes

Vishaal Lad, Electrical Engineer for Fonterra Hautapu identified that several switchboards on site had power factor correction equipment that was either not working, non-existent or not economical to maintain due... Read More »

Prevention is better than cure- Melody's New World

During a routine maintenance check of Melody’s New World in Palmerston North, B & M Electrical deemed that the power factor correction unit operating on the main switch board was... Read More »

Three Phase Load Balancing - It Can Be a Moving Target

Conventional industrial three phase systems have traditionally been balanced by physically reconfiguring loads at the switchboards. Read More »

Power Electronics Apps

Power Electronics Tool Suite is now available as an app. Read More »

Power Factor Correction - Understanding the issues

Go to the internet and you can search for any number of white papers on the theories of Power Factor Correction, how to size your PF system, and engineer out... Read More »

Outdoor Medium Voltage Variable Speed Drive

Power Electronics has supplied an 11,000 Volt, 1.0 Megawatt XMV660 Variable Speed Drive to a New Zealand customer in late 2019. Read More »

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2019 EEA Conference

Power Electronics NZ recently exhibited at the 2019 EEA Conference

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EV World Exhibition

In August Power Electronics NZ exhibited at EV World.

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SD750 Series VSD Released

New SD750 series VSD released

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