Smaller in size, bigger in performance

In an exciting first for New Zealand, Power Electronics is bringing the Sinexcel Ultra Series to the local market. Available in SVG, ASVG and AHF form, the Ultra is set to redefine power quality correction standards. This ground-breaking new product boasts unparalleled power density, performance, and quality. The Ultra Series is the first of its kind on the New Zealand stage. This is a power quality correction innovation that promises to reshape the landscape of energy efficiency.

With a focus on efficiency like never before, the Sinexcel Ultra Series features a remarkable increase in efficiency. Where its predecessor losses once equated to 2.8 kilowatts per 100 kVAR of correction, the Ultra Series dramatically reduces this figure to 1.1 kilowatts per 100 kVAR.

Let's take a closer look.

Peak efficiency: A game-changing paradigm

With a peak efficiency rating of 99%, the Ultra Series SVG establishes a new benchmark in power electronics. While traditional designs relied on IGBTs for swift switching, the Ultra Series takes it to the next level through the integration of cutting-edge silicon carbide MOSFETs.

The incorporation of these advanced components brings with it an exceptional gain in efficiency, a significant stride when compared to standard modules. The implications are significant; ultra-low loss characteristics, elevated withstand voltage thresholds, unmatched power density, accelerated heat conduction rates, and the ability to embrace higher switching frequencies. This technological amalgamation not only redefines efficiency but also underpins the Ultra Series as a game-changer for transformative power correction.

As a result of these impressive efficiency gains the Ultra Series leads to cooling requirements being greatly reduced.  This results in less capacity required that reduces initial capital outlay as well as ongoing operational costs.

Operational savings: Optimising energy utilisation

The Sinexcel Ultra Series offers tangible operational cost savings, enabling optimised energy consumption. For example, at a NZ voltage of 400V and with a single 150A AHF, the Ultra Series can save approximately 18,890 kWh per year., Which is equivalent of approximately NZ$2,834 in energy costs (considering an electricity pricing of 0.15 NZD/kWh and compared with the Sinexcel standard modules.)

Breakthrough in size and weight: Redefining installation dynamics

At 100kVAR or 150A capacity, the Ultra series tips the scales at a mere 25kg, a significant drop from the standard counterpart's weight of 48kg. This approximately 69% reduction redefines the paradigm of installation dynamics, paving the way for enhanced flexibility and handling.

The implications extend beyond weight alone, as there's now greater potential for application configurations.  The reduction in physical size has paved the way for an impressive range of cabinets to ensure maximum performance in challenging environments.  Single module IP54, through to multi module top vented cabinets are now part of our cabinet offering giving more flexibility than ever before.

Increased integration capability: Revolutionising panel efficiency

The Sinexcel Ultra Series provides a new level of integration capability, which offers a significant upgrade to operational possibilities. Integrating the Ultra Series within a panel setup delivers a dual-pronged advantage. Not only does it conserve precious space, but it also offers the capability for higher power ratings. This is facilitated by the Ultra Series' optimal spatial utilisation, which requires less ventilation volume due to its compact form.

Consider the figures: a standard flex cabinet typically accommodates up to 5 standard modules. Enter the Ultra Series, and the dynamics shift dramatically. Now, the same cabinet can house up to 8 modules, allowing for a maximum capacity of 800kVAr SVG/ASVG or 1200A of AHF. 


800kVAR SVG in a standard cabinet



Wall Mounted Options


150A AHF Rack-mounted Module

Low maintenance: A testament to reliability

The Sinexcel Ultra Series is a compact hardware design that supports module integration. This design enables the direct replacement of damaged modules, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and providing a streamlined path for quick module substitution when the need arises.

Enhancing this reliability is the advanced conformal coating contained within the module. This safeguard provides additional protection against harsh environments, underscoring the Ultra Series' commitment to enduring protection and longevity.

Designed with compatibility at its core, it caters to diverse voltage requirements, from 400V (supporting 3P3W & 3P4W systems) This expansive compatibility framework enables advanced adaptability, offering an array of capacity options tailored to meet your unique needs. 

Conclusion: An impressive debut

The Sinexcel Ultra Series ushers in an era of power quality transformation that's smaller in size yet bigger in performance. With an on-going commitment to efficiency, integration, and protection, the Ultra Series AHF, SVG and ASVG revolutionises power quality correction. A game-changing innovation, this is a New Zealand first, heralding a future where power quality knows no bounds. Embrace the revolution; welcome the Ultra Series.

If you'd like to learn more about the Ultra Series, contact your local Power Electronics Sales Engineer for more detailed information.