The future of power quality correction in New Zealand

The growing significance of addressing power quality issues

In September, we announced the release of the Sinexcel Ultra Series to the local market. Available in SVG, ASVG, and AHF forms, the Ultra Series is poised to revolutionise power quality correction standards. With unparalleled power density, performance, and quality, the Ultra Series marks a significant advancement in the New Zealand energy landscape.

For New Zealand's industries and infrastructure, the importance of power quality correction is more than a necessity; it's a strategic imperative. We rely heavily on a consistent and high-quality power supply. Any deviation in power quality can result in operational disruptions, decreased efficiency, and increased downtime. That's why power quality correction is so significant; the rising prevalence of non-linear electrical loads further amplifies the need for effective power quality correction. Let's take a closer look.

The power quality challenge in New Zealand

As the demand for electricity continues to surge and the diversity of electrical loads expands, the reliability and stability of the power supply is becoming more closely scrutinised than ever. 

The current state of power quality in New Zealand
It's a dynamic landscape shaped by an evolving energy ecosystem. While Kiwis do enjoy a generally robust power grid, the increasing complexity of electrical demands means challenges to the status quo. Variations in voltage, frequency fluctuations, and transient disturbances are elements that underscore the need for a meticulous approach to power quality management.

The impact of non-linear electrical loads
These exacerbate the challenge. Industries and businesses are increasingly adopting electronic equipment with non-linear characteristics, introducing harmonic distortions and power factor issues into the grid. This impact can manifest as increased losses, reduced efficiency, and a heightened risk of equipment failure. Non-linear loads inject a layer of complexity that traditional power systems may struggle to navigate, necessitating a sophisticated approach to power quality correction.

In the face of these challenges, the demand for advanced power quality correction solutions is growing. Standard correction measures are often insufficient in addressing the intricacies introduced by non-linear loads. To ensure a resilient and high-quality power supply, there is a critical need for solutions that can adapt to the evolving energy landscape. This is where advanced technologies, such as the Sinexcel Ultra Series, step in to redefine the norms of power quality correction.

Key benefits of the Sinexcel Ultra Series 

The Ultra Series is not just a correction solution; it's a transformative force that combines efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability. 

In terms of efficiency, it:

  • Achieves a remarkable increase in efficiency, reducing losses from 2.8 to 1.1 kilowatts per 100 kVAR
  • Boasts a peak efficiency rating of 99%, setting a new benchmark in power electronics

It features advanced component integration, including:

  • Integrating with cutting-edge silicon carbide MOSFETs for ultra-low loss characteristics and elevated withstand voltage thresholds
  • Unmatched power density, accelerated heat conduction rates, and the ability to embrace higher switching frequencies

It's also a cost saver:

  • Drastically reduces cooling requirements, leading to a significant drop in initial capital outlay and ongoing operational costs
  • Enables optimised energy consumption, resulting in tangible operational cost savings

It's a game changer when it comes to weight and flexibility:

  • Weighs a mere 25kg at 100kVAR or 150A capacity, representing a 69% reduction compared to standard counterparts
  • Redefines installation dynamics, enhancing flexibility and ease of handling

And that's without mentioning its enhanced integration capabilities, streamlined maintenance and diverse compatibility. Intrigued? Keen to find out more? We've got you covered.

On-demand webinar: Introducing the new Sinexcel Ultra Series 

If you've been impressed by the potential of the Sinexcel Ultra Series so far, this webinar is an absolute must-watch. It's your exclusive pass to the world of power quality - its evolution, benefits, and practical applications. Our experts, Pat and Andrew, explore:

  • The evolution of power quality
  • Power factor correction - understanding the issues
  • The transformation and evolution of inverter technology
  • The NEW Sinexcel Ultra Series
  • Real-world operating cost insights

Why you should watch:
Whether you're an industry professional, a business owner, or someone keen to stay at the forefront of technological advancements, this webinar is your opportunity to gain valuable insights. The Sinexcel Ultra Series is leading the way, and this webinar is your ticket to explore and embrace the future of electrical systems.