Transforming solar energy with the Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter

The ideal solution for large scale solar farms

As you'll probably be aware, utility-scale solar has emerged as a critical player in New Zealand's energy landscape. They're directly connected to the electricity grid and geared for substantial power generation. Unlike domestic or commercial / industrial solar setups, utility-scale projects are significantly larger, often sprawling across greenfield sites with ground-mounted solar panels. These installations, reaching up to 33,000 volts, are pivotal in contributing to the goal set by the New Zealand government — 100% renewable energy generation by 2030.

Utility-scale solar projects demand significant power output, necessitating the deployment of robust and high-capacity inverters. These large inverters play a pivotal role in converting the generated solar energy efficiently. The higher the voltage, the less energy loss during transmission — an essential consideration in the design of utility-scale solar farms. As the demand for renewable energy surges, the solar energy industry faces the imperative of simplification and efficiency. Hydro, wind, and geothermal have traditionally dominated the renewable energy landscape in New Zealand, but there's a growing need for diversified and efficient solutions.

That's where the Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter comes in. It's an all-in-one solution that simplifies every aspect of design, installation, and commissioning for large-scale solar farms.



Fig 1. The innovative cooling system allows the HEM GEN3 to be installed in the harshest environments



The all-in-one advantage

When it comes to utility-scale solar energy, simplicity often translates into efficiency. With that in mind, we're excited to introduce the Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter, redefining the conventional approach with its ground-breaking all-in-one advantage.

While the Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter may be making its debut in New Zealand, it boasts a history of success in the United States. With a track record of over several years and the sale of more than 4000 units in the USA market, the HEM has firmly established itself as a reliable and proven solution. Its introduction to the New Zealand market signifies not just innovation but the integration of a trusted and field-tested solution. 

Let's take a closer look at the key features that make it an unparalleled solution, simplifying the design, installation, and commissioning of large-scale solar power projects. We'll explore how the HEM differentiates from the Freesun HEMK Utility Scale Solar Inverter.


Fig 2. The Freesun HEM Utility Scale Solar Inverter



  • The usual system involves separate components — a Freesun HEMK Inverter and an MV skid containing a transformer and medium voltage switchgear
  • The Freesun HEM Inverter integrates the transformer and medium voltage switchgear within the inverter itself – a revolutionary approach.


  • The HEMK requires alignment, and connection of two separate items on-site
  • The HEM lifts off the crane and on to the concrete foundation or piles, bolt it down — done. No alignment necessary

Environmental considerations

  • For the HEMK, the transformer in the MV skid contains oil (up to 5500 litres), requiring an oil containment tank for environmental protection
  • The HEM features a dry-type transformer with no oil, addressing environmental concerns, , and eliminating potential oil spills

Lighter and easier handling

  • The HEMK involves two lifts — one for the HEMK Inverter and another for the MV skid
  • The HEM is a single lift, significantly lighter due to the absence of an oil-filled transformer

Cost and time efficiency

  • The HEMK involves higher hardware costs with the MV Skid and requires a little more installation time
  • The HEM offers cost savings on hardware and installation, making it a more economical choice

Reduced system complexity

  • The HEM streamlines the entire process, reducing the complexity of solar power projects
  • Quicker installation, cost savings, and simplified commissioning contribute to an overall smoother and more efficient project execution

The Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter represents a shift in utility-scale solar energy. With its all-in-one advantage, it brings not only environmental benefits but also economic advantages, making it the cornerstone for the future of large-scale solar power projects in New Zealand.


HEM GEN3 persp01 SERIG2

Fig 3. The HEM GEN3



Perfect for large-scale solar farms

When it comes to scalability and ease of distribution, the HEM is perfectly tailored for the expansive fields of solar panels. The HEM with its consolidated design, is easy to distribute throughout solar farms, minimising logistical complexities. Large-scale solar farms span vast hectares with tens of thousands of solar panels, and the HEM's design aligns with the distributed nature of solar farms, enabling strategic placement of inverters among panels.

Not only that, but the growing trend towards more energy dense inverter power stations can lead to extensive DC cabling as multiple arrays feedback to one centralised point. On the other hand, the HEM's deployment amidst the solar array reduces DC cable lengths, optimising efficiency and minimising costs. Its flexibility in distribution and efficient cable management make it particularly well-suited for the demands of large-scale solar farms.

What it comes down to is that the HEM transforms the dynamics of large-scale solar projects by offering not just a technological advancement but a strategic solution for efficient and cost-effective distribution.

The future of utility-scale solar

Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter marks a pivotal shift in the landscape of large-scale solar energy. It's the epitome of an all-in-one solution; the integration of a dry-type transformer and medium voltage switchgear within the inverter itself revolutionises the traditional setup, eliminating the need for separate components.

It streamlines installation, reduces complexity, and enhances overall efficiency. Its single lift, lighter weight, and ease of placement make it ideal for strategic distribution across expansive solar fields. Reduced cable lengths contribute to cost savings, offering flexibility in scaling up large-scale solar systems. It has been designed to meet the unique demands of large-scale systems connecting at 33,000 volts, and this design not only simplifies the intricacies of solar power projects but also paves the way for a more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective future.

Keen to find out more? Get in touch and we'll chat about how the Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter can simplify your utility-scale requirements.