Freesun HEMK Utility Scale Solar Inverter

A modular solar inverter that offers the advantages of both central and string inverters. Achieving a very high-power density, and a maximum output power of 4.39MW, it is available in 6 different AC voltages, providing the flexibility to choose the best solution for each PV plant.

Available from 1910 kVA – 4390 kVA. 600VAC – 690VAC. 1500VDC

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Freesun HEM Utility Scale MV Solar Inverter

An ‘all-in-one’ turn-key solution that simplifies every aspect of design, installation, and commissioning. The HEM is a modular solar inverter that integrates the MV in the same enclosure, providing a compact and cost-effective solution.

Available in 4200 kVA, 33 kVAC. 1500 VDC (IEC variant for NZ market)

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Power Plant Controller (PPC) PRO

PPC PRO is an advanced control solution for utility PV power plants, implementing the most sophisticated communication systems and regulation algorithms to meet the most demanding grid codes. PPC PRO is a flexible solution based on a powerful modular and programmable controller, capable of being easily adapted to current and future specific needs.

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