Freesun Solar Inverters

The revolutionary Freesun solar inverter range provides ground-breaking modular utility scale solar inverters in both indoor and outdoor design. A wide variety of configurations both with and without transformers permits the Freesun range to match virtually any network configuration. Available in 500kVA – 3500kVA, 400VAC – 690VAC output and 1000VDC - 1500VDC input.

Modular and Redundant Design Provides Higher Yield

The Freesun range utilises a modular topology that combines the advantages of a central inverter with the availability of string inverters.

  • All power modules work in parallel controlled by a dual redundant main control
  • Automatic redundancy shifts the main control in the event of a module failure
  • Automatic restarting of the inverter with power requirements spread evenly across all running modules
  • A modular inverter is more efficient than a centralised inverter. During low radiation levels the modular architecture uses just the correct number of modules to provide power
  • With lower losses a modular inverter can provide power earlier in the morning and later in the day providing a greater energy yield

Mount your Solar Inverter Where the Sun is – OUTSIDE

Designed for the harshest conditions and designed for 20 years of operation, the Freesun can cope with conditions ranging from the frozen Siberian Tundra to the Californian Death Valley.

  • Totally sealed cabinet protecting electronics from dust and moisture
  • Temperature and humidity controlled active heating prevents internal condensation
  • Stainless steel enclosure construction
  • Anti-corrosive polymeric C3 paint coating as standard
  • 50mm thick mineral insulation panel isolates the internals from solar heat gains
  • Smart iCOOL V cooling permits operation up to 50 degC

Dynamic Grid Support

The Freesun range has the very latest firmware designed to provide a variety of utility interactive features.

  • Low voltage ride through permits the withstand of any voltage dip or profile required by the local power authority
  • The inverter can immediately feed the fault with reactive power within protection limits
  • A frequency regulation system restricts the active power to a pre-set characteristic curve supporting grid stabilisation
  • Advanced control algorithms allow the Freeasun to support the grid through reactive power injection or phase shift control
  • Unique passive and active anti-islanding protections eliminate nuisance tripping and grid distortion. Certified to IEC 62116 and IEEEE1547.

VAR Control – Use the Freesun as a STATCOM

Instead of just sitting there doing nothing during hours of darkness, the Freesun can be used as a static synchronous compensator providing VAR support, voltage support of power factor correction. It can respond to an external dynamic signal, a command from our Power Plant Controller, or pre-set reactive power set point. 

Simplify Your Installation with a Complete Solar Solution

The MV skid is a compact outdoor turnkey system designed to simplify a solar inverter installation. Utilising our rugged outdoor HEC inverter range the MV skid simplifies design, transportation, delivery and installation, especially in remote locations.

  • Built on a high resistance galvanised steel platform
  • Integrates all MV equipment, including outdoor transformer, MV switchgear, oil tank and filter
  • Built in fast power connections to any HEC series inverter
  • 400V – 690V low voltage inverter output
  • 11kV – 36kV high voltage grid connection
  • 1100kVA – 3500kVA
  • A flexible twin skid design increases capacity to 3000kVA – 7000kVA range for large scale PV power plants
  • Prefabricated concrete building stations and 40ft container stations are also available

Freesun Solar Inverters Range

HEC V1000

The new HEC V1000 provides a more compact design and trusted features. Available from 1000kVA – 2550kVA. 400VAC – 460VAC. 1000VDC.

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HEC V1500

The most powerful and reliable 1500VDC utility scale PV inverter on the market. Available from 1050kVA – 3500kVA. 565VAC – 690VAC. 1500VDC.

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HEC Plus

The upgraded HEC Plus 1000VDC class inverters offer an extended MPPt voltage range and maximum efficiency in AC output voltages ranging from 400VAC to 460VAC, covering all commercial and utility-scale PV facilities. 1000kVA – 2550kVA, 1000VDC input.

The HEC PLUS is based on a modular & redundant topology with up to 10 modules that provide the competiveness of central inverters and the availability of string inverters. The HEC PLUS is featured with an outdoor stainless steel enclosure, 50mm mineral insulation panel and the most advanced iCOOL filter-less system that makes it suitable for the most demanding conditions.

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HE Plus - Indoor

Designed for indoor applications, the Power Electronics HE PLUS solar inverter is the best choice in quality and reliability. It is available in four output voltages from 400Vac to 460Vac, covering a power range from 1000kVA to 2550kVA, 1000VDC input. With the best in class topology owing to the modular construction, the HE PLUS represents the best guarantee for your investment.

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Simplify your commissioning with the most competitive solution with all the medium voltage equipment integrated. Available from 1100kVA – 3500kVA. 400VAC – 460VAC and 565VAC – 690VAC LV side, 12kVAC – 36kVAC HV side. 

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Twin Skid - Solar Station

The most power dense turnkey station for large scale PV plants. Available from 3000kVA – 7000kVA. 400VAC – 460VAC and 565VAC – 690VAC LV side, 12kVAC – 36kVAC HV side.

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HES - Solar Station

The HES is the most compact reliable and cost effective 2.5MW concrete solar power station. Available from 600kVA – 2550kVA. 6kVAC – 36kVAC. 

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HET - Solar Station

HET include all electrical equipment ready for fast installation and commissioning. Available from 600kVA – 2550kVA. 6kVAC – 36kVAC.

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