The SD150 is a compact and competitively priced AC drive for low power applications where the motor can be driven from a single phase supply. A book type design allows the user to install drives side by side saving space, and the front connections reduce wiring complexity. Due to its simple operation and compact size it is perfect for reduced spaces allowing the integration of multiple units in the same cubicle.

Its features cover a wide range of applications in motion drives and HVAC. Treadmills, automatic gates, roller doors and ornamental fountains are a small sample of what you can do with this small and competitive drive.

Available from 0.37kW to 2.2kW, 230VAC single phase input (230VAC three phase output)

Simple Control

Featured with 1 analogue input, 5 digital inputs, 1 analogue output, 1 digital output and 1 output relay that can be easily programmed to be connected to pressure transducers, level sensors, flow meters, PLCs and external controllers.

A front panel mounted potentiometer permits simple local speed control directly off the SD150.

The digital signals can be easily shifted from NPN to PNP mode with a selector.

Modbus RTU integrated.

Outstanding Performance

  • IP20 with side by side mounting
  • 150% overload for 60sec and 200% overload for 30sec
  • 50 degC operating temperature
  • Integrated EMC filter to meet IEC61800-3 category C2

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