SD250 Display and Parameters Guide

This is the SD250 series display and parameters guide.
This is an insight on how to move around the SD250s parameters.

On power up, we have the drive group. 0.00 will be displayed.
By pressing the up button, you can scroll through all the other drive groups.

To scroll around is quite simple: up/down keys scroll you through each group parameters.
Right/left keys move you across groups.
The enter button enters the parameter in that group and also enters changes, but to enter any changes, always press the enter button twice to confirm the change.

Group F

Group F is known as function group 1. Parameter numbers here go from F:0 to F:71

Group H

Group H is known as function group 2. Parameters numbers here go from H:0 to H:95

Group I

Group I is known as the I/O group. Parameter numbers here go from I:0 up to I:96.

In all Power Electronics manuals, you will find various commonly used configurations that can help you in all your applications.
These can be found to the rear of each manual.

Please see the Getting Started Manual for information and description of parameters.

If at any time you feel unsure, or in the back of the manual there is no configuration that suits your application, please feel free to contact us.