SD250 Remote StartStop 0 20mA Ref Analogue Input

This setup is for using start/stop commands for the input terminals and speed reference for the drive by analogue input.

The SD250 series of variable speed drive are compact and easy to use but you will need the supplied Getting Started handbook to familiarize yourself with the necessary parameter screens that you will require.

Basic Start/Stop connections

Firstly, wire and connect into the I/O terminals the required start/stop input and speed reference analogue input. The analogue shown here is a known 0-20 milliamp referenced from a pressure or flow instrument.

Once you have confirmed your wiring into the I/O terminals is correct, you must ensure the motors are isolated from accidental starting before power up of the drive.
On power up, as a good rule of thumb, it is a good idea to re-initialize the drive. This ensures the drive is back to its original factory default settings - parameter H-93.

Setting of the Motor Name Plate

Setting of the motor Name plate is the first parameter to be added. This ensures the motor is protected correctly and the RPM is correct into the drive.
Be sure when entering parameters that you press Enter twice to save the changes correctly.

Acceleration and Deceleration

In these parameters, you can change the acceleration and deceleration rates of your motor to suit your application. Defaults here are:

  • acceleration 5 seconds, and
  • deceleration 10 seconds

Change these if required.

For your analogue input to control the speed of the motor, you will need to adjust the frequency mode.

For the speed, 0-20 milliamp reference its number 4. Enter this.

Now to confirm your analogue input is operating correctly, move down to the reference frequency. By moving your milliamp scaling, the frequency on your drive will move up and down.
Your analogue input is now working correctly.

If required scaling of your analogues is required, these can be found in parameters I12 to I15

  • I12 equals 4 milliamps
  • I13 equals 0 hertz
  • I14 equals 20 milliamps, and
  • I15 equals 50 hertz.

If you are happy with your wiring to your I/O terminals and motor connections, refit all covers to the SD250 and your motor connections.

You may now start your drive by energizing the digital input to P1 forward run.

If at any time you require further assistance, please contact us.