SD700 remote start stop 10v speed ref

The SD700 series are the flagship of Power Electronics variable speed drives.

This training video is to give you an insight on common used configuration used out in the field today.

This particular setup is for remote stop/start and speed reference for a 0-10 analogue input. Once you have confirmed your wiring into the I/O output is correct, you must ensure that the motors are isolated from accidental starting before power up of the drive.

On power up, as a good rule of thumb, it is always a good idea to reinitialise the drive. This ensures the drive is back to its original factory default setting: Group 1.5 

Group 2: Motor Name Plate Data

This is the first parameter to be added into the drive, this ensures the motor is protected correctly and the RPM is correct into the drive. 

Group 3: References

In this group, you select where your speed reference is to come from. So for this particular setup, we change local to AI1 and log input 1. 

Group 4: Inputs

Group 4.1
Control mode 1 - Default here is local - we need to change this to number 2: remote.

In group 4.155, we now need to program digital input number 1. For our applications, we need to program for number 5 start/stop.

Then scroll to G 4.2 analogue input 1.

In this group, scaling of the analogue can be performed if required. 

Group 5: Acceleration and Deceleration rates for the SD700

Default settings are already added to these parameters for your convenience but you can go into these and change these as required. 

Group 10: Limits

In this parameter, if required, we can change the minimum and maximum speed limits of the drive.

To ensure your analogue is working correctly, we can show this in the visualisation screens, press and hold the ESC key to jump up to the visualisation lines.

Press star and scroll through using the plus or minus keys to the required visualisation group.

You can now see in the visualisation screen your speed and values is moving up and down. Your analogue is now working correctly.

If you are happy with all your wiring to I/O terminals and motor connections, refit all covers to the SD700 and your motor connections.

You may now start your SD700 drive by energising digital input 1 start/stop.

If by any time you require other assistance, please contact us.