V5 Soft Starter setup

It is always useful to have a Getting Started Manual to familiarise yourself with the V5 parameter screens. The V5 Soft Starter has a particularly easy to use screen and keypad.

This V5 Soft Starter setup is for using remote stop/start commands and remote reset by the input terminals, otherwise known as a 3-Wire configuration. Before power up of the soft starter, please ensure any motor connected to the starter are isolated from accidental starting.

On power up, the first parameter to go to will be G1.4 to change the language from Spanish to English, from there go to G1.5 and from there reinitialise the Soft Starter to its back to its original factory default settings.


These are the first parameters to set, and the most important. This ensures correct protection is given to the noticed at all times while the soft starter is in operation.


In these parameter screens are various protections for the soft starter.
Default settings here would usually suffice with your application, but have a read through this just to check.


Parameter settings you can change here are:

  • start delay
  • initial torque percentages, and
  • acel times


Parameter settings in here you can change are your decel. time.


Firstly, G6.1. Set upper mode from '1 Local' to '2 Remote'.

Now in G6.3, 4 and 5 set parameter inputs to:

  • '1 Start' for input 1
  • '2 Stop' for input 2 and
  • '5 Reset' for input 3.

Now, to check if you’re digital inputs are working correctly, press the minus key until 'Digital Input' comes out on the screen. You’ll notice the stop and reset configuration have X’s for normally closed. Once a fault is detected, you’ll see by pressing the external reset button and the soft starter in reset.

You may now start your motor by energising digital input one by pressing your start push button.

If at anytime you require further assistance, please contact us.