Fast DC charging of 60kW, 120kW, 175kW and pantograph of 175kW, 350kW, 450kW, 600kW @ 50-500 / 150-1000 VDC

NBi Station is a highly efficient and flexible solution for fleets of high-usage electric vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles. Compatible with both current and future electric cars, trucks and buses, it offers a wide range of voltage and power options.




NBi Station can charge electric vehicles at up to 1000 Vdc. It is optimized for heavy goods vehicles and those with high levels of autonomy. It provides solutions based on pantographs and high-power charging posts.

NBi Station supplies both direct-current charging and ultra-fast charging, with charging solutions based on individual posts or pantographs for highly autonomous electric vehicles such as buses

Consisting of a central power station and a series of distribution points, NBi Station simplifies the task of installation and considerably reduces connection costs and the consumption of necessary resources. The central power station can integrate medium voltage components such as the MV switchgear, transformer, energy meter and the user’s customizable cabinet, in accordance with the needs of each customer.

They are equipped with RFID-based authentication to make them compatible with the most widely used mobile apps on the market. They are also compatible with contactless solutions (NFC), allowing drivers to start a charging session simply by scanning in their credit or debit card. In order to kick-start your charging business successfully, Power Electronics offers easy integration with any existing back-office system, with APIs based on widely used global standards and communications protocols such as OCPP.

Smart Power Balance – SPB functionality is able to balance the power based on the number of charging posts in use. Therefore, the total power required to supply the total energy is substantially reduced.

Bus Plus Ready - NB Dispenser can connect to a DC power supply to provide electric vehicle charging power. The power source could be the photovoltaic energy, a battery system or the utility grid

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