Fast DC charging of 50kW, 100kW, 150kW @ 50-500 / 150-1000 VDC

NBi Dispenser is an outdoor robust and modular industrial charger, designed for durability, reliability and ease of maintenance. Thanks to its flexible architecture NBi Dispenser series allows the installation in any industrial location. NB Dispenser consists of a power cabinet with low voltage input, which combines with industrial posts. NB Dispenser allows the simultaneous charging of three industrial vehicles thanks to the advanced functionality of Smart Power Balance.




NBi dispenser charging points can be supplied with 3G/4G connectivity and compatibility with smartphone-based authentication systems to allow drivers to charge their electric vehicles quickly, easily and securely. Each charging post can be compatible with any system of payment and authentication. This system offers the most useful solutions on the market for easy interaction with the customer, including RFID cards and compatibility with credit/debit cards and smartphones.

Smart Power Balance – SPB functionality is able to balance the power based on the number of charging posts in use. Therefore, the total power required to supply the total energy is substantially reduced.

Bus Plus Ready - NB Dispenser can connect to a DC power supply to provide electric vehicle charging power. The power source could be the photovoltaic energy, a battery system or the utility grid

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