Nube Wall

The combination of simplicity of use and the most advanced functionalities. Nube Wall is an outdoor/indoor, robust and attractive AC charger for smart cities designed keeping durability, reliability and maintainability in mind.

Connector Types. Operating up to 2x22 kW, Nube City is compatible with AC connectors Type 1 and 2. Available with outlet socket or hard-wired version.

Intuitive Smartphone App. For the best EV user experience the smartphone app allows monitoring, starting and stopping charging processes and user authentication via app.

Easy Interaction. With its smart advanced connectivity and a management system based on IoT, Nube City offers an easy user interaction with multiple options and a reliable solution.

Smart Design. Nube City offers advanced communication options such as Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity and is compatible with any payment and authentication system, offering the most useful solutions in the market for an easy interaction with the customer: smartphone, RFID, credit/debit card (NFC). To comply with the most demanding requirements regarding billing, Nube City offers MID certified meters.

Dual Power Sharing. This functionality is able to balance the power based on the EV needs. When there is just one car charging, Nube Wall can supply maximum power; whereas there are two, the power is dynamically balanced. Therefore, the total power required is lower, representing a cost reduction in the electrical facility infrastructure and a cost saving, due to a minor power contracted

Smart Fleet Management. Dynamic power balancing for vehicle fleet management designed to minimize the initial investment and the operation costs.

Dynamic Power Control. An optional device to dynamically adapt the EV charging power available according to the consumption of your electrical appliances at home.

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