An advanced active harmonic filter utilising a three-level inverter to provide rapid and accurate harmonic current correction. A unique intelligent FFT algorithm permits the AHF to synchronously allocate compensation capacity in real time, self-learn the system impedance characteristics and avoids possible system resonance points. Add stable harmonic correction to your power system today.

Available in 25, 35, 50, 60, 75, 100, 150 amps in both wall mount and cabinet mount modules, 400/480/690VAC three phase.

Compact High Performance

  • Wall mount or cabinet mount in an ultra-compact design
  • Modular design permits 600A within a single cabinet
  • Can be incorporated into electrical switchboards

Optimal Harmonic Mitigation

  • THDi <5%
  • Selection of odd and even harmonics up to the 50th order
  • Intelligent FFT for automatic correction of all 50 harmonic orders, plus manual selection of individual harmonic orders
  • High efficiency >97%
  • Reaction time <100us Response time of <10ms
  • FFT, Intelligent FFT and Instantaneous Reactive control methods

3-Level Inverter Design

  • Utilises 12 IGBTs and zero point clamping providing five switching level stages
  • Reduced switching losses and permits higher switching speeds
  • Lower harmonic content in the waveform provides high precision compensation
  • Smaller and lighter filtering components
  • Outstanding modularity, compact and very light weight

Protect Your System From Resonance

  • The current spectrum is analysed at 1024 individual points per cycle
  • System impedance at each individual harmonic is effectively ‘learnt’ by the AHF
  • Compensation current is slowly increased with system stability closely monitored
  • Should resonance be detected at any point the intelligent FFT can skip the problematic point

Balance Your Loads and Correct Your Power Factor Too

  • In addition to harmonic mitigation the AHF can provide load current balancing
  • Reactive power can be compensated for thus increasing power factor

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