The Freemaq filter is a robust passive harmonic filter for use with our SD700 series variable speed drive series. Utilising a notch filter design, it is able to reduce the input current harmonics to less than 5% and thus meet network company harmonic restrictions and limits defined by IEEE519.

Available from 2.2kW to 2000kW in 400V and 690V

Improve the Performance of your SD700 Series VSD

  • Reduces input harmonic current distortion to below 5% on all models
  • Improves input displacement power factor to >0.99
  • Filter performance is not dependant on the grid impedance. Performance will not vary significantly even when grid conditions alter.
  • Won’t resonate with the electrical grid like tuned trap filters can.
  • The large series connected inductor helps isolate the SD700 from the grid thus affording further protection to the SD700 under severe grid conditions
  • Can be used with other makes of variable speed drives

Robust Construction Suitable for all Installations

  • IP20 and IP54 construction
  • Ventilation fans controlled by the SD700 keep the Freemaq filter cool even in ambient temperatures up to 40 degC.
  • Low capacitive reactance makes the Freemaq filter ideal for use with generator supplies
  • Each internal module integrates protections – temperature sensors, MCCB and disconnection contactor for the long life capacitors.
  • Disconnection of the capacitors when the Freemaq is not running ensures no capacitive reactive power consumption from the grid. No risk of grid leading power factor.

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