The V6 series soft starter sets new standards for soft starter technology. The small, powerful V6 is packed with new control and protective features with an intuitive display that makes it easy and efficient for the user to access the right information. Programmable digital inputs, programmable relay outputs, a PTC, multiple communications options and the option for a smart card provides comprehensive system control.

Available in two voltage ranges of 200 – 525VAC and 380 – 690VAC, 7.5kW – 1200kW (16A – 1250A).

User experience

The V6 starter has an intuitive user interface that makes setup and operation easier. The LCD screen displays important information such as motor status, temperature, current… The buttons and menus are easy to understand and use, even for inexperienced users.


The V6 starter is equipped with a series of safety features that protect the motor and the starter. These features include overload protection, overheat protection, short-circuit protection, and ground fault protection, among others. The V6 starter also has a feature to continue working even with a damaged phase if necessary.


The V6 starter can be used with a wide range of motors and applications thanks to its wide current range of 16-1250A. It includes functions such as adaptive control, pump cleaning, DC brake, reverse direction, etc., to cover a wide range of operational possibilities.


Compatible with a multitude of standardized communication protocols to interact with any monitoring and control system: Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus, Profinet, Devicenet, and Ethernet/IP.


The entire range of V6 starters includes integrated bypass, providing an operational efficiency exceeding 99%. Additionally, the starter offers several start and stop options to maximize efficiency throughout its operation time. 

Pumping applications

For pressure control pumping applications, the starter features a SmartPump expansion card that has extra dedicated digital and analogue I/O for the application.

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