Utilising the same familiar easy to use V5 series display, the VS65 series is a highly adaptable medium voltage digital soft starter that offers the user high reliability for demanding applications. Available in either IP41 or IP54, 150 – 6300kW at voltages 2.3kV, 3.0kV, 3.3kV, 4.16kV, 6.0kV, 6.6kV, 10kV, 11kV with inbuilt vacuum bypass contactor and line contactor.

The VS65 soft starter integrates the most advanced control systems to ensure perfect motor operation for any industrial application. With a 32 character two line LCD plain English display and Power Electronics revolutionary "CDP" dynamic torque control this soft starter offers uncompromised performance.

Starting Modes for All Applications

A variety of starting modes permits the user to select the most suitable option no matter what the load type required to be started.

  • Voltage Ramp – the most common form of motor starting where the voltage is smoothly increased up to the supply voltage permitting motor acceleration within current limit boundaries.
  • Current Limit – permits starting of the motor with a constant current limit.
  • CDP Dynamic Torque Control – a unique torque control that permits very linear motor acceleration even when the load profile changes. Peak currents during acceleration are eliminated.
  • Direct on Line (DOL) – the bypass contactor has been sized to permit a full DOL start should this be required at any stage.

High Performance and Results

A combination of leading mechanical design and extreme performance provides high performance starts with high reliability every time.

  • Oversized power components permits starting of demanding applications without shortening the VS65 service life
  • 100-500% start current for up to 60secs
  • 50 degree C ambient temperature operation
  • Modular design with separated modules efficiently isolating low voltage from medium voltage sections
  • Optional input protection cabinet permits different electrical protection options including automatic circuit breaker or on-load fuse disconnect
  • Vacuum bypass contactor closes at completion of the soft start resulting in higher efficiency and longer life of the SCRs
  • Vacuum line contactor provides complete isolation of the supply so prevents the SCRs from sustaining damage due to overvoltage situations
  • Extensive on board motor and start protections including:
    • Input phase sequence
    • Input low voltage
    • Input high voltage
    • Locked Rotor
    • Shear pin
    • Motor overload
    • PTC thermistor connection
    • Phase imbalance
    • Input phase loss
    • SCR overtemp
    • Excessive start time

Control Flexibility

  • Local/Remote control with local start, stop, emergency stop and five local indicator lights showing power supply on, ready, run, stop, fault
  • 5 digital inputs / 2 analogue inputs
  • 3 digital outputs / 1 analogue output
  • RS232/485 and Mobus RTU as standard
  • Wide range of sub-board options
  • Ethernet interface module
  • DeviceNet interface module
  • Profibus interface module
  • Johnson controls interface module
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