The XMV660 Medium voltage variable speed drive goes one step further in achieving high performance by using proven low voltage technology within a rugged, modular, multi-level configuration. It is designed under the strictest safety regulations and complies with the most demanding industrial requirements. It offers the best power quality, maximum motor care, uncompromising safety and reliability across the full range.

Available in both indoor and outdoor variants 2.3kV to 13.8kV, 150kW – 5600kW.

Maximum Motor Care

  • Multi-step quasi-sinusoidal output voltage produced by the cascaded H-bridge power modules results in sinusoidal motor current and is low in dV/dt.
  • Negligible THDi in motor current
  • Suitable for retrofitting to existing motors
  • No motor de-rating or cable length restrictions
  • Multi-step technology offers low common mode voltage (CMV) thus eliminating voltage peaks at the motor terminals. Eliminating common mode currents means standard bearings can be used – no EDM.

Accurate, Flexible and Powerful Motor Control

  • Solid motor control consisting of Power Electronics proven V/F, Power Motor Control (PMC) and Advanced Vector Control (AVC).
  • PMC factory settings and motor parameters ensures perfect performance without the need to auto tune the motor.
  • Should a power module fail the XMV660 will automatically bypass this cell and keep running at reduced power output.
  • The on-board UPS gives control ride through during supply under voltage conditions permitting the drive to restart the motor once the supply voltage returns to normal.

Network Friendly and Very Efficient

  • The multi-pulse phase shift transformer of 18 to 54 pulse minimises the THDi level ensuring the XMV660 won’t mess with your supply. Guaranteed conformance to IEEE519.
  • Outstanding power factor of <0.95 above 20% load. Eliminates the need for separate PFC.
  • Overall efficiency of >96% when operating above 40% load.

A MV Drive Needs Great Safety and Protective Features

The XMV660 integrates built-in hardware and software protections that reduce the risks associated with medium voltage installations.

An Input phase-shift transformer offers a wide variety of benefits to your installation

  • Reduces short circuit current in an unlikely case of internal insulation breakdown.
  • Protects input power stage from mains fluctuations and transients.
  • Boosts output voltage by compensating for supply and motor voltage drops by using on site tap adjustments.
  • The transformer voltage can be customised to suit different supply and motor voltages, thus eliminating the need for further transformers or switchgear.
  •  The XMV660 monitors each individual power module offering multiple hardware and software protections.
  • The XMV660 can be ordered with input protection modules, thus eliminating external protection switchgear.
  • Safety system, mechanical interlocks, password protection and a warning buzzer will warn you of undesirable settings.

XMV660 – IP55. Mount Your Drive Outside

The XMV660 IP55 Outdoor is the most innovative, rugged medium voltage variable speed drive ready for 24/7 operation under the most harsh environments. Packed full of the same outstanding features as the regular indoor model, the Outdoor IP55 permits mounting locations that might never have been previously considered suitable for a VSD.

  • Installation suitable for the harshest of environments
  • Meets IP55 ingress protection levels
  • Stainless steel enclosure with corrosion impervious polymeric coating (C5-M)
  • Rugged outdoor enclosure with double gaskets
  • 50mm mineral insulation to protect from the heating effect of direct sunlight
  • Autonomous design, no need for additional buildings or ventilation
  • Low maintenance – no filters
  • Wide temperature operational range
  • Totally sealed electronics protected from dust and moisture

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