SD750FR series moves one step ahead keeping the unique family characteristics. Based on the latest active front end technology, it is able to reduce the THDi< 5%, adjust the cosine phi and keep it constant at any load condition, and keep the motor voltage constant even when large input voltage drops occur. SD750FR provides the best regeneration features. Save money, reduce your energy bills and increase performance features at the same time. The active front end technology substitutes multi-pulse drives and passive filters. 

Available in 380V - 400V, 690kW, 110kW – 2100kW.

One Drive can literally do any application

Because of its advanced active front end technology the SD750FR can be applied to any application.

  • Low harmonic distortion
  • Pumping application. The pump macro from the standard SD750 is also included in the SD750FR series
  • Fan application with normal duty rating. The normal duty rating applies to the SD750FR
  • Heavy duty industrial applications. V/Hz, closed loop vector, open loop vector motor control methods
  • Regenerative load control
  • Dirty hot industrial environments. The SD750FR is IP54 and 50 degC rated without filters

Reduce Energy Consumption and Installation Costs

On applications where the load overhauls the driving motor such as cranes and downhill conveyors, some sort of braking method must be employed. In the past this has typically been in the form of a mechanical brake or external braking resistors (dynamic braking). These braking methods can be costly, bulky and inefficient. The SD750FR series offers full four quadrant regenerative braking where the braking energy is returned to the network. The IGBT active front end bridge is synchronised to the grid so full rated power can flow in both directions. This technology reduces the input THDi <5% and the controls the displacement power factor to 1.0 under any load condition. The need for external harmonic filtering and power factor correction systems is eliminated.

Weak Grid - no problems

Do you have a weak supply network where the voltage can vary? A drop in supply voltage can result in an increase in motor current or reduction in motor performance. This can affect productivity and lead to nuisance tripping of the VSD. The SD750FR is able to boost the output voltage to keep the motor voltage constant even when there is a significant drop in the supply voltage.

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