Product Range Expands to Include Power Quality

Power Electronics NZ's new power quality division is proud to represent the innovative Active Harmonic Filters and Static VAR Generators from international market leader Sinexcel. Sinexcels' Active Harmonic Filter and Static Var Generator leads the field in performance and design.

Sinexcel boasts an R&D and manufacturing centre covering an area of 14,500 square meters. As a high-tech enterprise, it has been specializing in intelligent control power quality technologies and sticking to the spirit of delivering perfect products. It has been improving system stability using modular technologies, which permit adaptation in order to meet customers' changing demands. Focused on customer support and service, Sinexcel fits well with Power Electronics NZ's mantra of being a service oriented business.

Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)

The ever increasing installation of electronics onto our electrical distribution system has resulted in a sharp rise in harmonic distortion. Once considered just a problem caused by AC/DC speed drives, uninterruptable power supplies and other industrial products, we are now seeing harmonic distortion across the commercial and domestic sectors too. LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, computers, battery chargers, even domestic appliances nearly all draw harmonically distorted currents from our electricity supply networks.

Many local NZ power authorities have implemented local networks codes that require harmonic filtering to reduce the impact these harmonic currents have on their networks. Power Electronics has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying low harmonic variants of our variable speed drive range. This includes are Freemaq notch filter (<5% THDi), our SD700FL series notch filter VSD (<5% THDi) and our SD700FR series active front end VSD (<5% THDi). And to complement our VSD range we have introduced Sinexcel's innovative active harmonic filter (AHF).

The Sinexcel AHF range provides a compact efficient way of providing harmonic current filtering for an entire installation. This can be in the form of single wall mount units or modular rack mount modules that provide capacity for system expansion. Any combination can be parallel connected to provide the required capacity.

The AHF significantly improves the reliability of the power distribution system. It greatly improves the power quality indicators, including increasing power factor, eliminating harmonics, suppressing harmonic resonance, and ensuring three-phase balance. In other words, the AHF ensures that the power system runs stably and efficiently.

For more information view the AHF products.

Static Var Generator (SVG)

SVG 500 7 cabinet rackAutomatic power factor correction equipment is broadly applied in NZ industry to ensure the electrical network is utilised to its best capacity. The usual form of such power factor correction is an automatic controller that monitors one incoming phase to a plant and switches banks of capacitors to try and maintain a target power factor.

The problems with capacitor based automatic power factor correction are vast and varied. It is slow to react to load changes so the system is constantly in a state of over compensation or under compensation. In today's harmonic rich environments the capacitors suffer (even with harmonic blocking chokes), system resonance is a risk and the life expectancy of the system is reduced. Contactors regularly fail and overloaded capacitors leak and present a real fire risk.

Sinexcel's Static Var Generator is an entirely new approach to power factor correction. The SVG utilises a high speed three level inverter that reacts to changes in reactive power, injecting corrective reactive power into the system. Full correction is made in ¾ of a cycle. This rapid response provides stable accurate real-time power factor correction without the draw backs of traditional capacitor based systems. SVG can continuously adjust reactive power dynamically and bi-directionally (-1 to +1). There is little chance of system resonance and even under low voltage conditions SVG will provide full reactive power compensation.

SVG can be supplied as single wall mount units in smaller capacities or expandable rack mount that allow for system expansion to meet increasing plant demands.

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