The P2 series SVG offers the proven performance of the first generation product. A revolutionary modular three level inverter reactive power management system used for power factor correction, current balancing, voltage balancing, voltage regulation and VAR support. The P2 series SVG is suitable for general reactive power management applications and is available in wall mount and a large variety of cabinet mount options including IP20 and IP54.

Available in 30kVAr, 50kVAr, 100kVAr modules, 400VAC three phase.

Outstanding Performace

  • Reactive power compensation: Cos Φ = 1.00.
  • Continuous correction – step less control. SVG controls from 0 – rated kVAr as one continuous range. Think of it like a power factor VSD.
  • Capacitive and Inductive compensation: -1 to +1.
  • 50µs response time with full correction in less than 15ms. Suitable for highly dynamic loads where the power factor fluctuates rapidly or in big steps e.g. saw mills, cranes, welders.
  • No over compensation or under compensation as experienced with capacitor switching systems.
  • Current imbalance correction can correct for load imbalance across all three phases.

Compact High Performance

The modular three level inverter that utilises 12 IGBTs in the inverter reduces switching loses and permits higher switching speeds. The need for small filter components results in an ultra-compact design with an improved waveform resulting in very low harmonic distortion.

  • Compact High Performance.
  • Wall mount or cabinet mount in an ultra-compact design.
  • Modular design permits 500kVAr within a single cabinet
  • Can be incorporated into electrical switchboards.

Reduce Risk By Eliminiating Capacitors

  • No AC power capacitors - no swollen or leaking capacitors. Reduced fire risk.
  • No contactors or fuses to replace • No hot running harmonic blocking chokes
  • The proven R&D design eliminates electrical safety risks and component failure risks associated with capacitor based systems being built up by less qualified individuals.

Network Friendly and Highly Stable

Unlike traditional capacitor based systems, the SVG does not negatively interact with your electrical system. Today’s harmonically rich environments are tough on capacitor based systems with increased risks of resonance and capacitor failures.

  • Unaffected by harmonic distortion and free from harmonic resonance
  • Unaffected by network voltage drop. Even under reduced network voltage levels full reactive current can be provided to meet working conditions.
  • There is no nasty transient voltage spikes caused by the switching of capacitors.
  • Presents to the electricity grid as a very high impedance device. Network companies need not worry about the attenuation of ripple injection signals.

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