Energy Storage + Solar

Freesun Solar Inverters

HEM MV Modular Solar Station

The very latest in medium voltage solar power station that integrates the MV transformer. The HEM provides all the advantages of a central inverter but with a modular string architecture. Suitable for mounting in the harshest of outdoor environments thanks to our revolutionary iCOOL3 cooling system. Nominal power rating of up to 3.6MW.

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HEMK Modular Inverter

A modular solar inverter that offers the advantages of both central and string inverters. Suitable for mounting in the harshest of outdoor environments thanks to our revolutionary iCOOL3 cooling system. Available from 2000kVA – 3800kVA. 600VAC – 690VAC. 1500VDC.

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HEC V1500

The Power Electronics HEC V1500 are reliable 1500Vdc outdoor utility-scale inverters, with more than 4GW already installed worldwide. The HEC V1500 inverter family has 25 different models ranging from 1MW to 3.5MW.

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HEC Plus

The upgraded HEC Plus 1000VDC class inverters offer an extended MPPt voltage range and maximum efficiency in AC output voltages ranging from 400VAC to 460VAC, covering all commercial and utility-scale PV facilities. 1000kVA – 2550kVA, 1000VDC input.

The HEC PLUS is based on a modular & redundant topology with up to 10 modules that provide the competiveness of central inverters and the availability of string inverters. The HEC PLUS is featured with an outdoor stainless steel enclosure, 50mm mineral insulation panel and the most advanced iCOOL filter-less system that makes it suitable for the most demanding conditions.

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HE Plus - Indoor

Designed for indoor applications, the Power Electronics HE PLUS solar inverter is the best choice in quality and reliability. It is available in four output voltages from 400Vac to 460Vac, covering a power range from 1000kVA to 2550kVA, 1000VDC input. With the best in class topology owing to the modular construction, the HE PLUS represents the best guarantee for your investment.

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HET - Solar Station

HET include all electrical equipment ready for fast installation and commissioning. Available from 600kVA – 2550kVA. 6kVAC – 36kVAC.

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Simplify your commissioning with the most competitive solution with all the medium voltage equipment integrated. Available from 1100kVA – 3500kVA. 400VAC – 460VAC and 565VAC – 690VAC LV side, 12kVAC – 36kVAC HV side. 

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Twin Skid - Solar Station

The most power dense turnkey station for large scale PV plants. Available from 3000kVA – 7000kVA. 400VAC – 460VAC and 565VAC – 690VAC LV side, 12kVAC – 36kVAC HV side.

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Freemaq Battery Storage Inverters

Freemaq PCSK Utility Scale Battery Inverter

The Freemaq PCSK is an outdoor modular solution from 1600kW to 3800kW with configurable DC and AC voltages making it compatible with all battery technology and manufacturers.

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Freemaq Multi PCS

The Power Electronics Freemaq Multi PCS modular inverter architecture can be designed to support solar generation and energy storage in a single inverter, or even having individual battery systems.

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Freemaq DC/DC - Bi-Directional DC/DC Converter

The new Freemaq DC/DC converter is a bi-directional converter designed to maximise the benefits of large scale solar plants with energy storage to provide a solar-plus-storage offer. Adhering to Power Electronics philosophy, it is a modular outdoor design. Available from 375kVA – 3500kVA with voltages up to 1500VDC.

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