The new Power Electronics Freemaq DC/DC is a bi-directional DC converter designed to maximize the benefits of the large-scale solar plants with a solar-plus-storage approach, offering a cutting edge technology product that is able to reduce the CAPEX of PV installations coupled with energy storage systems, avoiding the installation of an additional station with a dedicated MV transformer.

Following the Power Electronics philosophy, the Freemaq DC/DC is a modular outdoor solution available from 500kW to 3000kW, fully compatible with different battery technologies and manufacturers, with a voltage range up to 1500Vdc and the highest efficiency in the market. This product has been designed to be easily integrated with a Freesun inverter in new or already installed PV power plants, being the most cost-competitive solution for battery storage systems paired with PV installations. 

By coupling the Power Electronics Freemaq DC/DC converter with a Freesun solar inverter, it is possible to perform functions such as: energy shifting, ramp control rate, frequency response, and most importantly, clipping energy recovery, that will boost customer revenues.

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