65kWh, 100kW lithium-ion battery with integral BMS 

NB POD is an outdoor storage system, robust and attractive, designed with durability, reliability and ease of maintenance. NB POD integrates a 65 kWh and 100 kW lithium-ion, and allows easy connection with any DC charger in the Power Electronics product range.




NB POD is a completely autonomous system, which integrates protections and the control of the battery system. NB POD allows reducing the contracted power of the recharging infrastructure and to store energy in periods of low demand to pour it out in periods of high demand.

NB POD is charged from the grid via the connected EV charger and can then work in isolation or with the grid to charge an EV.

Load Levelling - NB POD is able to store energy during periods of low demand from the grid, in order to later use this energy to charge vehicles when the price per kWh is high. This has the benefit of using the battery stored energy at a higher market price during peak periods.

Peak Power Shaving - By delivering stored energy to the charger during periods of high demand, it reduces the burden on the distribution network and significantly increases its efficiency. Energy is stored during periods of low demand increasing the load on the grid. During peak periods this stored energy is used to charge electric vehicles. Additionally, the use of NB POD allows the charger’s owner to reduce the total connected capacity and therefore fixed costs.

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