Fast DC charging of 60kW, 120kW, 175kW, 350kW @ 50-500 / 150-1000 VDC

NB Station consists of a central power station which supplies energy to charging posts, designed for an easy interaction with the EV driver. NB Station reduces site design, simplifies the installation and significantly reduces connection costs and required resources.

Being expandable over time, the central power station has been developed to support future increases in charging power, thus offering a solution that can grow with the EV market demand and car battery technology




NB Station is the only vehicle charging station on the market to integrate the transformer and medium-voltage cells into the same set of equipment. Its operation supposes considerable savings in terms of both CAPEX and OPEX, and it greatly simplifies the design of charging infrastructure.

Based on our modular approach, NB Station consists of various field replacement units (FRU) that do not require highly trained technical service personnel, resulting in a “plug and play” configuration that is safe, reliable and fast. Our solution based on the skid platform also offers the advantages of pre-wired charging posts. These are fitted with a junction box designed for easy interconnection with the central power station 

Charging posts are fitted with a 10” touchscreen, which clearly displays the progress of the charging process. They can also be supplied with 3G/4G connectivity and compatibility with smartphone-based authentication systems to allow drivers to charge their electric vehicles quickly, easily and securely. In order to kick-start your charging business successfully, Power Electronics offers easy integration with any existing back-office system, with APIs based on widely used global standards and communications protocols such as OCPP.

Smart Power Balance – SPB functionality is able to balance the power based on the number of charging posts in use. Therefore, the total power required to supply the total energy is substantially reduced.

Bus Plus Ready - NB Dispenser can connect to a DC power supply to provide electric vehicle charging power. The power source could be the photovoltaic energy, a battery system or the utility grid

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