Ultra SVG with Silicon Carbide Mosfet design is a high performance, energy efficient reactive power management solution that is ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial, commercial and electricity networks. It offers unparalleled performance and reliability, helping you save money, and improve the efficiency of your power system.

Available in 100 kVAr wall mount and rack mount modules, with 99% efficiency400V three phase.

Ultra Smart Reactive Power Compensation

Building on the enormous success of the P1 and P2 series SVG, the new SiC Mosfet design Ultra SVG raises the performance bar even higher.

  • Reactive power compensation: Cos Φ = 1.00.
  • Capacitive and Inductive compensation: -1 to +1.
  • 50µs response time with full correction in less than 5ms. Suitable for highly dynamic loads where the power factor fluctuates rapidly or in big steps e.g. saw mills, cranes, welders.
  • No overcompensation or under compensation as experienced with capacitor switching systems.
  • Current imbalance correction can correct for load imbalance across all three phases.

Ultra Efficient, Ultra Small, Ultra Light, Ultra Performance

With Silicon Carbide Mosfet design, SVG Ultra is a high performance, energy efficient reactive power management solution that is a game changer in the world of power quality solutions

  • In the world of power electronics every 0.5% increase in efficiency is a big deal. SVG Ultra is 99% efficient.
  • Ultra Compact High Performance in wall mount or cabinet mount. 62% smaller than standard product.
  • Ultra-light weight. Only 25kg for 100 kVAr.
  • Ultra efficiency leads to less ventilation requirement. Only 115 l/s airflow – a reduction of 71% airflow.
  • And it’s Ultra quiet at <60dB at full load.
  • Reduction in Modular design permits up to 800kVAr within a single cabinet.
  • Can be incorporated into electrical switchboards.

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