SD750 series provides the core elements of our range. The entire range addresses such common requirements as low dV/dt, smart mechanical design with greater power density, highly advanced motor-control algorithms and a removable memory unit for easy and advanced maintenance. With its new functionalities, SD750 series helps you to monitor, analyse and monitor your energy-saving industrial processes, while contributing to digital transformation.

The graphical display provides ample information with a plain English menu structure. Our IP20 and IP54-grade mechanical configurations cover all industrial applications, making this range our most extensive and flexible, complete with compact design for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Available from 2.2kW to 2200kW, 380 – 480V, 525 – 690V.

The SD750 is fully certified Electromagnetic Compliant with unscreened motor cables.

One Drive Fits All Applications

With a normal duty rating and 120% overload for fans, pumps and normal loads, and a heavy duty rating and 150% overload for hard to start loads such as loaded incline conveyors, crane hoists, mixers etc., the SD750 combines the most advanced motor control to cover every application

  • V/Hz control for pumps, fans, and general applications.
  • Sensorless vector control for applications requiring precise performance or high torque at low speed. Material handling systems, timber mills, high inertia loads.
  • Closed loop vector for the most demanding of applications. Installations such as cranes, web tension, torque sharing, require exact control of torque and speed even at zero speed.
  • Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) control for inner magnet (IM) and surface magnet (SM) motors
  • 100ms fly start to catch a spinning motor on start.

Control Flexibility

The SD750 utilises the same simple to use menu structure as the popular SD750 along with a new graphical display. The display permits the graphical representation of system variables such as speed, torque, current and allows the user to build their own customised display variables. An optional 4.3” TFT IPS touch screen sets new standards in VSD programming and functionality. The Wi-Fi communication module allows for simultaneous remote interaction between the user and multiple drives.

  • Graphical display
  • Simple USB connection.
  • Remote mountable
  • Plain English menu structure
  • Real time clock with perpetual calendar

The comprehensive I/O suite permits connectivity into any process

  • 6 multi-functional optically isolated digital inputs
  • 3 change over relay outputs
  • 3 programmable optically and galvanically isolated analogue inputs
  • 2 programmable optically and galvanically isolated analogue inputs
  • Safe Torque Off (STO) inputs meet IEC/EN 61800-5-2 SIL2, PLe
  • PTC input
  • PT100 input
  • RS485 serial communications. Modbus RTU
  • Ethernet Modbus TCP
  • SD Card for monitoring and logging functions

Dedicated software tools and macros

  • PowerCOMMS tools offers real performance information about motor and drive status. A user friendly PC tool for easy startup, maintenance

Expand Your Control

In additional to the standard I/O, a range of expansion cards allow the user to further expand the connectivity of the SD750.

  • Digital I/O expansion card provides 5 more inputs and 5 more relay outputs
  • Analogue I/O expansion card provides 2 more inputs and 2 more outputs
  • Fibre optics card for interconnection of SD750s
  • Encoder card supports the connection of 2 differential encoders
  • PT100 expansion card for the connection of 8 PT100 sensors
  • Ethernet card supports Ethernet IP and ProfiNet communications
  • Profibus communications card
  • CANopen communications card

Rugged, Powerful Performance

Powerful motor control, flexible control and rugged metal construction makes the SD750 ideal for the most harsh applications and environments

  • FFA (Full Frontal Access): The three major power stages - rectifier, DC bus, inverter are all sub-assemblies that are mechanically separated and can be accessed from the front
  • IP20 and IP54 variants
  • 50 deg C temperature operation with oversized heatsinks
  • Conformal coating on all electronics PCBs with the latest high level aerospace and military technology (IEC 61086-1:2004 3-1) for PD3 and 3C3 environments
  • Electronzinc treated metal chassis for corrosion resistance
  • Maximum motor care provided by an in-built dV/dt filter that reduces dV/dt to 500-800V/µs.
  • 300m unscreened motor cables while still meeting EMC compliance limits
  • Integrated harmonics and RFI filters provide integrity to the power supply
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