SD750 KOMPAKT SERIES, maximum performance in a minimum space. When space saving is a must, the SD750 Kompakt series with a power density up to 800kW/m3 is the most suitable solution. The drive keeps the advanced family features in a size reduced by 2.5 times that of the standard SD750 model. It is delivered in two parts; the drive unit and the input chokes.

Available from 110kW to 1750KW in voltage ranges 380 -480V, 525V, 600 – 690V.

Make the most of your available space

The SD750 Kompkt range has been specifically designed for mounting inside a switchboard or enclosure. It’s small size, high power density and separate input harmonic choke make it the ideal product to retrofit in place of older style motor starters such as star-delta, autotransformer or even electronic soft starter. The SD750 Kompakt enjoys all the advanced features of the standard SD750 range. Additional features include:

  • Top entry and bottom exit to mimic contactor wiring
  • Separate three phase input harmonic choke can be mounted in the base of the switchboard
  • Optional IP20 wall mount kit permits direct wall mounting of the Kompakt inside an electrical plant room.
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